• Devil's Reef, a sloping ridge east of Ocho Rios that is
    home to many sponges as well as morays.
  • Top of the Mountain a 60-foot dive near Dunn’s
    River Falls filled with many coral heads and
  • Wreck of the Katryn - a 50-foot dive to a 140-foot
    minesweeper that was deliberately sunk.
  • Dickie’s Reef - good for beginners, starting at a depth
    of 22 feet.
Historical Tours
Bicycle Tours
Nature Tours
possible on days when there's no cruise ship in.
in a series of
continuous waterfalls
which plunge 600 feet
before streaming under
the roadway and mingling
with the beautiful
turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Whether you climb the
falls, swim in the chilly
seaside waters or simply go
have a look see,
you're sure to take home
delightful memories
of this place.
touch them or simply observe them as they cavort, you'll be highly
The Macaw and the huge Iguana on the Jungle Trail invites awesome
Kodak moments. Take in the shark show, pet a stingray, try the paddle
boat, have lunch then relax on glistening white sand and simply enjoy.
Enjoy stunning views of Jamaica’s north coast from the aerial tram, feel the rush of adrenalin as you zip-line through
and shop in their boutique.
tropical horticulture interspersed with dwellings perched along the river banks.

and the spectacular Mahoe waterfalls are
definately worth a tour.
History buffs will like the  Museum of

The breathtaking views of the Bay of Ocho
Rios,  the shade of giant banyan and cedar
trees and the natural aquarium filled with
koi, carp, mullet, snappers and turtles are
simply delightful extras.
countryside, through paths that
meander across hillocks and takes you
to the beautiful community of Mount
Zion where you will have a tour of the
165 year old Church and visit the local
Chukka Cove Farm you'll stop for a dip
a private cove.
takeover by the british,
arrival of the East Indians,
arrival of the Chinese,
right up to present day reggae and
dancehall culture.

Enjoy a unique blend of music, art, dance,
film and drama, a colourful mosaic enriched
by the vibrant spirit and culture of the
Jamaican people

An experience not to be missed.

late Sir Noel Coward, who
frequently entertained notaries
like Queen Elizabeth II.

The house is now a national
preserved as Coward left it, on
which he composed some in the
garden under a simple marble
The view is probably one of the
most beautiful in the world.
stop for a bit
trees at Columbus Park.

View a water wheel
ship's anchor.

Peruse artifacts like a
hollowed Arawak-style
canoe carved from a
log; a tally, used to
count from and a host
of other weird and
wonderful items.
helicopter tour.
tour, a half-hour ride,
travels over Noel Coward’
s Firefly and Ian Fleming’
s Goldeneye.

15-minute trip, swings
over Shaw Park Gardens,
Fern Gully, Prospect
Plantation and Dunn’s
River Falls.
portion of the 1,000 acre
Jamaican estate.
by pirates and aviary; get a
chance to feed ostriches;
attempt the unusual
experience of riding a camel
workers climb a 30 foot tall
coconut tree.
established by Tainos, the first inhabitants of Jamaica. The
peaceful lives. You will also tour the ruins of the Spanish
castle (Governor's House ) and the base of the Spanish
workshop estimated to be one of the earliest so far

The meandering journey descends past
coffee plantations and fruit fields, and leads
of the trail.

villages, stop for lunch and admire the
magnificent vistas along the way.
All anglers dream of landing big game fish.

Jamaica vacationers that have interest in deep sea sport fishing will enjoy the opportunity to catch blue
marlin, white marlin, tuna,  barracuda, bonito kingfish and wahoo in deep ocean water just off the
Jamaican coast.

Best months: November through April early May

party boats,
water glow in the dark.

Enjoy a  swim in the lagoon,
the more you splash the more
they glow !

is the large labyrinthine limestone cave
with its numerous rock formations,
a subterranean lake.
Jamaican history,
sheltering the Arawak Indians;
as a hideout for Spaniards during the British
take-over; as a haven for runaway slaves,
running arms to Cuba.
The humble two-room
country house in which
he lived is open to view,
filled with memorabilia,
and alongside it is the
and his half-brother,
Anthony Booker, are

Your round trip tour
takes you through some
of the most breathtaking
picturesque scenery in
Jamaica, traveling
extensive produce
experienced riders. A private ride is highly recommended !

Columbus Park,

a lunchtime beach
Time N Place  

and the interactive  

cho-cho's and fresh fish that you've learnt to love from meals at The Blue House. You'll get the opportunity to buy a
"jelly" or some sugar cane.

needs. Cheap ! Cheap !
acclaimed artists can be
seen here including pieces
of Jamaican Primitives
nowadays called Intuitives.
month during the tourist
season and craft fairs at
Easter, Independence Day
(August 1st) and Heroes
Weekend (Mid October).

Toscanni, an Italian
restaurant and bar is
located on the ground floor.
Gizzada, Coconut Drops,
paradise plum.
juices like soursop juice
and june plum juice. If
it's close to Christmas try
Sorrel. Be sure to buy the
Tru Juice brand as it's
very, very good.

and the tiny grater that
comes with it for your
rum punch, Pickapepper
sauce, Ruth's spicy
mango sauce.   
Shopping Tour For The Best In Local Art
Learn, and perfect, the art of
from the items you'd like to
you back, and that's when the
fun starts.

this wood carver on the left,
take home more than just
memories of Jamaica.
Buy an authentic Nyahbingi
drum and hold your own
"Binghi" on your return home.
created, from raw clay to beautiful finished product.
very first piece of green ware.

Come indulge in a
luxury Jamaica
vacation or tropical
romantic getaway at

Bed & Breakfast Villa
Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Our award winning B&B
is a great choice if you
prefer small Caribbean
Boutique Hotels over
impersonal all-inclusives.
RIVER RAFTING on the Martha Brae. Lay back in tranquility as you meander through captivating scenery on a bamboo
raft. Rafting also available closer to The Blue House on the White River and in spectacular Portland on the Rio Grande.
the end of the rafting part of your tour.

Have to dig thru some
old files.

Sooooooon Come !

Have to dig thru some
old files.

Sooooooon Come !
weary and heavy laden,
and I will give you rest."

Matthew 11:28-30
Rough Guide
has this to say about
The Blue House,

‎"SUPERB deluxe B&B
with immaculate,
tasteful rooms.

The highlight is
possibly the best
cooking on
the island
traditional Chinese
and Indian styles.

Breakfast and dinner
are served family-
style, while the genial
hosts are a mine of
information and offer
islandwide tours.

A pool and nearby
river bathing are
great for relaxation."
Luxury Boutique Bed & Breakfast Villa, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Small affordable luxury boutique hotel for the discerning traveller.

Christian holiday lodgings in White River Estates, St Mary,
on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, two miles east of Ocho Rios.
Telephone: (876) 994-1367 or 974-1569
P.O. Box 6189, Ocho Rios P.O., Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica W.I.
Ocho Rios Jamaica Luxury Caribbean Guest House/Holiday Lodging & Vacation Travel Guide